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Is it beneficial to compromise in 498A case

Is it beneficial to compromise in 498A case

Is it beneficial to compromise in 498A case

A false dowry case may reach towards the 498a compromise agreement and the accused husband and the wife may be willing to sign the same as follows:-

1.     Is it beneficial to compromise in 498A case
-        Yes, it may be beneficial to come people
-        False 498a often reaches stage of compromise
-        False 498a ipc claim in FIR may be quashed based on compromise between the parties
2.     Can we withdraw 498a case?
-        Based on compromise in 498A the 498a case may be withdrawn
-        compromise in 498A and domestic violence case both is possible
-        if there is an FIR regarding the 498A ipc dowry claim then quashing is mandatory otherwise not
-        The complaint case can be withdrawn i.e., NCR or a simple police complaint but state case i.e., FIRwhich are non-compoundable can not be withdrawn as the state is involved but can be quashed by HC based on the deed of Compromise between the parties
3.     Can 498a FIR be quashed?
-        You can close the case in lower court or Trial court itself if matter is settled amicably
-        If you ask me, Is it beneficial to compromise in 498A case, then our answer is yes
-        How beneficial is it to sign a deed of compromise with wife and in laws
-        after they have filed a fake 498a,506, 34 ipc and other dowry cases against all the accused i.e., relatives of husband

4.     What is compromise deed?
-        what is the process of compromise in 498A
-        After filing 498A all the proofs and plaintiff witness a compromise deed may be signed
-        after that can there be compromise under 498a
-        quashing of FIR u/s 482 may be done if you ask or Can 498a FIR be quashed? Or Can we withdraw 498a case?
5.     498a compromise deed
-        Compromise is meaningful if you ask What is quash petition in High Court?
-        498a case details may decide for you to whether fight or compromise?
-        Police has registered 498a 506 stating dowry claims so compromise may be beneficial
-        498a case mutual compromise is best suited
6.     498a fight or compromise
-        Can wife withdraw 498a after chargesheet is filed?
-        No because the wife needs to be submit evidences which may go against her
-        Compromise petition-498a may be filed with lower court and then to the high court or directly to the high court of concerned judicature
-        Procedure to take 498A case back by wife may be complicated based on compromise of 498a as per 498a compromise deed agreement between the husband and wife after false 498a have been filed against the husband
-        Template to be used in Compromise i.e., settlement of 498a Quash Petition or simple compromise between the parties
-        This is a template which can be used for compromise of 498a i.e., fight or compromise
-        suitable amendments in case of Compromise/Settlement may be added to the compromise template
-        498a Compromise Agreement and 498a Settlement Agreement two sides of the same coin so act wisely
-        A Sample agreement to end 498a may be succeeded by mutual consent divorce
7.     compromise petition 498a format
-        petition format seeks for process after compromise in 498a in h/c mediation
-        if Mediation is going on in 498a at high court level then chances of amicable compromise are there
-        If compromise is arrived at then file for high court carefully as 498a is a draconian law
-        compromise in 498a may be based on the compromise petition 498a format

8.     life after 498a
-        there is in fact no petition of compromise of 498A
-        as the husband is hell bent to not take wife back
-        men rights may misguide men on compromise or die
-        financial settlement to get rid of a 498a case is smarter than doing a compromise i.e., not doing compromise
-        do not compromise if you want to come clean chit and you want to file counter cases against the wife for misusing justice system
-        498a compromise deed may be filed
-        498a fight or compromise marks the life after 498a
-        compromise petition 498a format may be required for every matrimonial litigant be it a wife or a husband
-        how to withdraw 498a case when life after 498a is dubious
9.     how to withdraw 498a case
-        two types of Compromises without withdrawal of 498a ipc FIR i.e., to bring wife back or to get divorce mutually
-        Fighting Malicious Prosecution in Family Cases is better than seeking withdrawing of 498a by complainant
-        compromise in divorce cases is also possible
-        second time 498a may be more dangerous as the wife is now more smarter
10. second time 498a
-        compromise in dv case especially when it is a second 498a on you or when it is a 498a by an experienced second wife of yours who tried these tactics on ex-husband
-        how to compromise over a case in Hindi
-        Compromising in a criminal matter is called compounding of offence
-        you can compromise or fight against misuse of 498a
-        wife or her family file a false 498a (dowry) case against the husband and entire relatives
-        do not do compromise by paying money in case of second 498a women
-        How many days the high court takes to quash a 498A case after settlement has been agreed between the parties
11. compromise in divorce cases
-        once you submit the compromise agreement for divorce then the process is simplified as the mutually consented divorce may happen
-        498A quashed on compromise Deed in divorce cases is popular these days
-        498a compromise in divorce is not direct but based on counters
-        Compromise during pendency of appeal filed by any parties in divorce proceedings may be considered as favorable for both the parties
-        Compromise clause soon in dowry cases as these cases drag the litigations to endless proceedings in court these days
-        harassment for dowry and cruelty to a woman in her matrimonial home may seek for divorce compromise in 498a crimes reported every year
-        Is it beneficial to compromise in 498A case after the wife’s side have filed a fake 498a,506, 34 ipc and other dowry cases against husband and entire relatives

12. 498a wife life
-        498a wife life is not good as she is marked as a misuse of law and therefore Only HC Can Quash Cases on Settlement
-        In rape and gang rape case the compromise formula does not work well
-        compromise in 498A makes the life of wife hell as her maintenance for life ends in a meager one time settlement amount
-        wife can file fresh second 498A case also even after recording compromise agreement
-        If you have to compromise, do it without paying any money
-        victim also filed a compromise petition means the case is false
-        If financial compromises are allowed, harassed women could be denied justice as per latest but this is untrue for misuse of laws by disgruntled wives
-        a joint compromise petition has to be filed by husband and wife

Therefore, it can be seen that the FIR is a legal document and the guidelines of the Supreme Court need to be followed but if the matter is required to be closed or cancelled by the accused based on falsity or based on counter evidences etc then it is suggested to file a LTR immediately. Further, for the benefit of men there may be many men rights activists or men rights organizations may be active to help pacify the men but the pacification or sympathy is NOT what a man/ husband looks for when false cases are filed on him. Hence, government of India needs to start a men cell india which may suggest the real fighting tactics to the men vis-a-vis counter/s and/ or challenge/s to close a false CAW or a FALSE FIR against a man/ boy/ husband/ celebrity, hence in all over India the government of India needs to start a Men Cell in Delhi type cells for men which must be registered by government of India to help boys/ husbands/ men from false cases and atrocities by disgruntled women/ wives/ girls and by the police respectively.


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