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Is there any time limit within which a First Information report should be filed with the police, under the criminal procedure code in India?

Is there any time limit within which a First Information report should be filed with the police, under the criminal procedure code in India?

Is there any time limit within which a First Information report should be filed with the police, under the criminal procedure code in India?

1.     time limit for filing fir under crpc
-        there is no time limit but in case of specific disputes as listed on lalita kumara judgment the limit to file FIR is 7 days to 15 days

-        therefore time limit for filing FIR need to be adhered to by the state
-        the police which do not comply with time limit of filing FIR needs to be punished with contempt proceedings
2.     Is there any time limit within which a First Information report should be filed with the police, under the criminal procedure code in India?
-        7 days or 15 days
-        Other guidelines as above
3.     What is the time limit to file an FIR?
-        Seven days as per lalita kumara judgment
-        Fifteen days as per amendment to the above judgment by SC
4.     When should an FIR be filed?
-        Whenever a crime is happened then either immediately or within 24 hours
-        Fresh reporting of matter means no scope of after thoughts
5.     What is FIR under CrPC?
-        FIR means a first information report
-        Criminal procedure code has laid down several guidelines for FIR time limit and investigation procedure after FIR
6.     What is FIR and its evidentiary value?
-        FIR has no evidentiary value as it is not a fixing of criminal case
-        FIR means just allowing to investigate
-        FIR is not evidentiary, it is just informatory
7.     time limit for filing fir in india
-        different states may have different procedures.
-        In delhi it may be fast to record/ report a FIR
-        UP and Bihar may have a slow time limit

8.     fir filing rules
-        fir filing rules make it mandatory to be followed by police
-        crpc 41a notice is mandatory if chances of arrest are there
9.     fir under section 155 crpc
-        this is the general section in which the FIR is written
-        155 crpc just guides the columns and writing way
10. fir crpc notes
-        crpc notes include the table in which FIR need to be planned
11. time prescribed for filing an fir
-        normal time prescribed in 7 days or may be immediate on knowing about a crime
12. time limit for filing a case
-        no time limit as per law but as per limitations act it is 3 years
13. fir timing in police station
-        timing of FIR in a PS is important
-        it helps knowing the procedure of investigation
-        timely completion of investiogation and preparing of a B-Report or a charge sheet as the case may be.
14. fir is valid for how many days
-        FIR may remain valid indefinitely but generally as per law, within 60 or 90 days, the report i.e., final report may be submitted and in emergent and national causes issues, this CS may be prepared in just 7 days.

Therefore, it can be seen that the FIR is a legal document and the guidelines of the Supreme Court need to be followed but if the matter is required to be closed or cancelled by the accused based on falsity or based on counter evidences etc then it is suggested to file a LTR immediately. Further, for the benefit of men there may be many men rights activists or men rights organizations may be active to help pacify the men but the pacification or sympathy is NOT what a man/ husband looks for when false cases are filed on him. Hence, government of India needs to start a men cell india which may suggest the real fighting tactics to the men vis-a-vis counter/s and/ or challenge/s to close a false CAW or a FALSE FIR against a man/ boy/ husband/ celebrity, hence in all over India the government of India needs to start a Men Cell in Delhi type cells for men which must be registered by government of India to help boys/ husbands/ men from false cases and atrocities by disgruntled women/ wives/ girls and by the police respectively.


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