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Procedures for Investigation after the Recording of F.I.R.?

Procedures for Investigation after the Recording of F.I.R.?

Procedures for Investigation after the Recording of F.I.R.?

The process to hande a criminal complaint is very simple and direct and there is no scope of any corruption because as per the procedure for investigation after fir the investigating officer is required to take action on a false complainant or to take action against the accused as per the information or evidences collected by him duringthe course of investigation and this includes issuance of crpc 41a notices as follows:-

1.     procedure for investigation after fir
-        to issue crpc 41a notice to the accused whose chances of arrest are there as per FIR in terms of docs or evidences collected or witnesses statements vis-à-vis congnizable or non-bailable nature of the complaint/ FIR.
2.     Procedures for Investigation after the Recording of F.I.R.?
-        Statement u/s 161 crpc are recorded
-        Witnesses statements are recorded
-        Visit of the place of crime
-        Issue of 41a crpc to those accused whose arrest is required

3.     What happens after FIR is registered?
-        Evidences are submitted by complainant
-        Crpc 91 issued to complainant to ensure veracity of the complainant’s version
-        Issue of crpc 41a to accused
-        Recording of statements
4.     How FIR is filed?
-        After verfification FIR is filed
5.     What is FIR and its procedure?
-        Complainant reports a crime
-        First information is recorded in the register meant for the same
When can FIR be filed?
-        May be cancelled if false
-        Or if the complainant is not cooperating intentionally
7.     procedure after fir is lodged
-        visit the crime scene
-        conduct fair and unbiased investigation by the police/ state
8.     court procedure after fir
-        court assigns a court number or file number
-        directions issued to police
-        or directions issued to accused on basis of police’s requests
9.     fir cancellation procedure
-        gathering of evidences proving falsity of FIR
-        submission of only reliable evidences
-        if no action by the police within 7 days then file a LTR
10. fir is valid for how many days
-        usually 90 days
-        some states or some crimes may call for 60 days
-        for petty crimes the time in days may be lesser
-        for serious or grave crimes the time limit may be extended indefinitely or invariably based on the nature of crime
11. how to know if fir is filed against me
-        check police porta;
-        like delhi police has an onlie porta;
-        or file a RTI
-        or go to PS and check the register meant for the same on request to the station house officer

12. fir time limit
-        for petty crimes usually 60 or 90 days
-        for grave offences the time limit of FIR may be extended after lodging of FIR
-        but before lodging FIR, if investigation reveals a crime then max 7 days or 15 days time is with the police or the state else contempt of court proceedings against the state
13. how many days police will take to file chargesheet in court
-        usually 60 days or 90 days
-        for crimes having clear evidences within 7 to 15 days
-        for other grave crimes, chargesheet time period may be extended unless challenged by the accused
14. difference between police complaint and fir
-        police complaint is a simple complaint
-        FIR means a legal document for which action has to be taken
-        Police compliant mayor may not be a pre-requisite to a FIR

Therefore, it can be seen that the FIR is a legal document and the guidelines of the Supreme Court need to be followed but if the matter is required to be closed or cancelled by the accused based on falsity or based on counter evidences etc then it is suggested to file a LTR immediately. Further, for the benefit of men there may be many men rights activists or men rights organizations may be active to help pacify the men but the pacification or sympathy is NOT what a man/ husband looks for when false cases are filed on him. Hence, government of India needs to start a men cell india which may suggest the real fighting tactics to the men vis-a-vis counter/s and/ or challenge/s to close a false CAW or a FALSE FIR against a man/ boy/ husband/ celebrity, hence in all over India the government of India needs to start a Men Cell in Delhi type cells for men which must be registered by government of India to help boys/ husbands/ men from false cases and atrocities by disgruntled women/ wives/ girls and by the police respectively.


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